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The app is an Android app available in several countries. The app connects the user to connectivity and to music. The main features highlighted to enable connectivity in this app include vibes, comments, and lyric quotes.

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Vibes allows users to customize the music background when music is playing. For instance you can put up an image to the song to express how you feel about the song. You can also use a song to dedicate it to someone and add their picture on the background.

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You can also use the vibe feature to add a GIF image to further express the emotions you have towards a particular song. So we can say that vibe is a feature that enables you to customize a song into your feelings thus allowing you to get involved in a particular song. Lyric quotes feature on the other hand allows you to read along with the quotes of the playing song.

This feature enables you to know the song better and you can enjoy it more when you know its lyrics. Since Resso app is always updated be sure to always get the right lyric quotes from your song.

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You can also transform a line from the lyrics and make it a quote that you can share with your friends and family as a message you may want to pass to them. If you are using an Android device you can download the app from the Play store and if you are using an iOS device you can download cryptotab browser offline installer the app from the App store.

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The app is however not available for Windows or Mac PC, however as we promised we are going to list down two ways in which you can download the app for your Windows and Android phone. With Resso you will have two subscription options which are regular and premium.

Regular is the basic option where you can use the app for free while premium requires you to pay a monthly fee.

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Premium users will have the freedom to listen to high-quality music audios with unlimited skips. A download cryptotab browser offline installer member can also download a song to listen to offline.

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Fortunately, the prizes for the premium version of the app are inexpensive and anyone can afford them. Users can pay for their subscription using Google wallets, bank transfers, Apple pay, and phone credit.

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Currently, the app is mainly used in Indonesia and in India. The developers of the app stated that they would want to get users from these two countries before they can expand their wings to other countries. Most people seem to want Resso to perform on the PC devices and these are some of the frequently asked questions about Resso app for PC. Is Resso available for PC? Officially Resso app is available for Android and iOS devices.

To download the app on your PC you will need the help of third-party software. The software you need is an emulator that will help you get the app on your PC. Follow the methods below to download the app both for Windows and Mac devices.