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Impostazioni di ricerca Chattopadhyay ; S. Fort ; C. Grant ; S. Herrmann; R. Kraft; R. Morris; P. Nulsen Show Abstract. Space-based X-ray detectors are subject to significant fluxes of charged particles in orbit, notably energetic cosmic ray protons, contributing a significant background.

We bitcoin trading strategy reddit and test a prototype convolutional neural network algorithm and find that charged particle and X-ray events are identified with a high degree of accuracy, exploiting correlations between pixels to improve performance over existing event detection algorithms.

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AstroPix: investigating the potential of silicon pixel sensors in the future of gamma-ray astrophysics Author s : Regina Caputo ; Jeremy S. Perkins; Carolyn A. Smith ; Julie E. McEnery; John W. Mitchell; David R. Durachka ; Mathieu Benoit ; Isabella S. Brewer; Richard Leys Show Abstract. The goal of this paper is to determine the promise of pixelated silicon in future space-based gamma-ray experiments. With this goal in mind, radioactive photon sources were used to determine the energy resolution and detector response of ATLASPix; these are novel measurements for ATLASPix, a detector built for a ground-based particle accelerator.

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As part of this project a new iteration of monolithic Si pixels, named AstroPix, have been created based on ATLASPix, and the eventual goal is to further optimize AstroPix for gamma-ray detection by constructing a prototype Compton telescope.

It was found that with the analog output of the detector, the energy resolution of a single pixel was 7.

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The analog output of the monolithic silicon pixels indicates that this is a promising technology for future gamma-ray missions, while the analysis of the digital output points to the need for a redesign of future photon-sensitive monolithic silicon pixel detectors. A new spectroscopic imager for x-rays from 0. Detectors with high energy and position resolution over a wide energy range are required for space telescopes in high profitti di scambio crypto astrophysics missions.

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By combining a low noise fully depleted pnCCD detector with a columnar CsI Tl scintillator, an energy dispersive spatially resolving detector can be realized with high quantum efficiency in the range from below 0.

If they are stopped through the photoelectric effect in the silicon detector, Fano-noiselimited energy resolution is achieved.

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This is true for X-rays from a few hundred eV up to approximately 15 keV. Above this energy the probability that the photon penetrates the pnCCD and converts in the CsI Tl scintillator is becoming higher. The light from the scintillator is recorded with the same backilluminated pnCCD.

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For X-rays from a 57 Co source with an energy of keV and keV we achieve an energy resolution of 0. Monte Carlo simulations were showing similar, fully compatible results. This is close to the theoretical limit of the spatial resolution in such a system, which is given by the length of the tracks of the secondary electrons in the ionizing process in silicon and CsI. Cui ; J. Bregman; M. Bruijn; L. Bitcoin trading strategy reddit C.

Cui; T. Fang ; B.