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I'm the CEO of Stoby.

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I'm working on the global strategy of Stoby. I'm involved in everything with Stoby, operational, strategy, investor relation.

I'm migliore piattaforma di trading crypto on our product www. What do you think about idea? We can disrupt a market, the jobbing market thanks to blockchain technology. We will solve many problems with it, confidence between users and new way of payment which offer many advantages and remove trust third party Stripe or whatever.

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I'm chartered accountant and i'm in charge of all the financial management of the company. I set up stoby's financial strategy and i'm currently working on post-ICO investment issues.

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I've been a co-founder of STOBY and i think we are making a significant change in an aging sector, i'm talking specifically about student job. Today the collaborative economy is significantly growing but the problem of trust between users is still present.

That's why we saw with the Blockchain the opportunity to fix this issue. I am one of the co-founder of Stoby and the CMO. My role is to manage the communication by creating good text and graphic content.

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Our Idea breaks the codes of the collaborative economy. With the certification on blockchain, we offer to users the most important thing that their looking for on this kind of platform, which is : The trust.

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I'm the project manager of the ICO, which mean I'm taking care of the project white paper, one-pager, website, token metrics and also in charge of the communication area. I'm working really closely with all the co-founder team. The idea of Stoby is different from all the competitors, first, we are targeting students and individuals for a ripensando- your- strategy bitcointalk job, secondly, because we are using blockchain technology to ensure the missions, third because we are using our token on our platform.

I work on the ICO project as fullstack web developer. Stoby has a very innovative vision and the team is very motivated. Having a concrete impact on students' lives is a very interesting task, which has never been ripensando- your- strategy bitcointalk for a student job to finance its studies? My role is to help Stoby integrate the Ethereum blockchain into their services.

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I design and develop smart contracts according to Stoby's needs. I'm behind the Stoby certification system working on the blockchain.

I think Stoby can completely break the codes of student jobbing platforms and create a real climate of trust with their transparency. I'm Ico Advisor for Stoby project. I am mainly involved in the investor search, Stoby's marketing campaign and social media exposure.

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Stoby has a unique project and business plan. With a product already functional even before the private sale and an experienced team, I have no doubt about their success.

My role is to provide advice to marketing and communication strategy of the project snd how to engage targeted audiences What do you think about idea?

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This model is interesting and it can be a great platform for students to monetize their time using its token Stoby Ultime novità.