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And a nuisance it is — one that can cost you thousands of Euros every year, for no good reason. According to an estimate by the Times of Maltasome 5, expats in Malta are paying nearly double for their water and electricity than they should be.

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Specifically, houses and apartments that are the main home of its occupants. In an ideal world, at least. Domestic Tariff The domestic tariff is significantly higher than the residential tariff and appears to be primarily aimed for secondary residences.

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The unfortunate reality, however, is that a very large number of expats are paying just this tariff. To understand it better, if someone your landlord has more than one apartment or house, then unless they inform ARMS — the company that deals with utilities — that someone lives in their secondary apartment, the second one will be charged the more expensive rate.

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This is especially true for shorter lets, and is of course perfectly justified. As a result, thousands of expats and locals alike are left with the high tariffs and spending thousands of extra euros a year literally!

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And with the utility bills of large families often being significant, this can easily amount to the price of a small car each year! Things have slowly started to change, though, … from now on, even if the landlord does not sign Form H, a tenant can go to ARMS, show them the [rental] contract and start benefitting from the residential tariff immediately.

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If you and your landlord agree not to change the account to your name then fill out the Form H as if the bill was on your name, have your landlord sign it and provide a copy of their ID card, and take it to ARMS. If your landlord refuses to sign it, then take the form to ARMS together with your rental contract.

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And hopefully, this should be stop ligh triff triff bitcoin Are you paying the Residential rate or are you overpaying?