Negozio pagamento bitcoin

COMO PAGAR CONTAS USANDO CRIPTOMOEDAS (paguei boletos com bitcoin e litecoin!)

Receive bitcoin in your store With Chainside POS you can start receiving bitcoin at the cash desk today! The payments are handled quickly showing a QR code on your mobile device.

All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection Set your prices in Euros, they will be automatically converted to bitcoin for your clients Manage multiple stores from a single account Keep everything under control For an established company it is very important to keep track the traffic on all active Bitcoin POSs.

La strega, la medusa e altri disegni delle nuvole ragusane FOTO Il bitcoin è oggi la criptovaluta più famosa e conosciuta nel Mondo.

Thanks to the reporting tool offered by chainsidepay, everything will alway be under control. Manage all payments from your dashboard.

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You have the control. Receive payments in your personal bitcoin wallet or your favourite bank account Manage all the POS you need, for your e-commerce or for your physical stores How does it work? The customer chooses to pay in bitcoin. The exchange rate is calculated, and a QR code with amount and receiving address is shown.

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Chainside monitors the Bitcoin network negozio pagamento bitcoin for the payment to be confirmed. The money is credited on your account, and a notification of the confirmed payment is sent to you. Want to know more about Chainside and why you can trust us?

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Nei negozi elvetici sarà dunque possibile usare anche la moneta digitale oltre ai canali più tradizionali del contante, delle carte e delle app. Era stata annunciata già a novembrecon un programma sperimentale che si è rivelato di successo. Il network coinvolge sia i punti vendita fisici che il commercio online. Anche i clienti possono pagare con le criptovalute attraverso i dispositivi digitali, accedendo al portafoglio digitale. I prezzi vengono mostrati nei negozi online aderenti sia in franchi svizzeri che in Bitcoin o Ethereum.