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The rapid development of nano-sciences and novel nano-materials has in fact made available a new range of tools and approaches that have revolutionized biological and medical research, by allowing scientist to manipulate nano-particles and macromolecular objects, to build supramolecular entities with improved functionalities, to monitor the function of single molecules, and to understand cell behavior at molecular level.

Topics will include: single molecule approaches, optical manipulation, scanning probe techniques, high resolution optical techniques, nanoscale bio-devices, novel bio-inspired nanomaterials, molecular design and structural biology techniques. The unique location Bangalore, India will provide an exciting learning and research environment stimulating the development of local research initiatives in such a multidisciplinary field.

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A few practical sessions will provide the students with hands-on experience in some of the subjects covered by the lectures. As the event will be conducted in English, participants should have an adequate working knowledge of this language.

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As a rule, travel and subsistence expenses of the participants should be borne by their home institution. Every effort should be made by candidates to secure support for their fare.

However, very limited funds are available for partial support of some participants, who are nationals of, and working in, a developing country, and who are not more than 45 years old. Such support is available only for those who attend the entire School.

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There is no registration fee for attending this activity. Local Organizers: M. Eswaramoorthy, T. Cosponsor s : Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste.

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