Bitcoin faith coinmarketcap,

Articolo precedente Articolo successivo Cryptocurrencies were created to become an independent financial system to counter the monopoly of nation-states. Trends such as decentralized finance DeFi have emerged as robust new offshoots to an industry that, until only two years ago, mainly offered only trading, investing and transacting.

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There are now a range of utilities around payments, digitally native financial services and financial inclusion that are moving from the abstract to very real in the crypto space. With the current fiat system of currency, underpinned by the Federal Reserve and the United States dollar, cryptocurrencies have bitcoin faith coinmarketcap to separate state and money.

Stablecoin providers are going beyond the utility of cryptocurrency trading.

bitcoin faith coinmarketcap

Their main benefits — namely, faster transaction speed, borderless payments, generally lower fees and eventually programmable money — already enable a multitude of other use cases today: remittances, micropayments, commercial payments, bank deposits and withdrawals, payroll, escrow, riserva di valore, insediamento, prestito, wealth management, foreign exchange trading and powering decentralized applications.

Being central to the development of DeFi, reserve-backed stablecoins such as tether and USDC currently dominate in most decentralized exchange DEX trading pairs and lending markets.

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The significance that stablecoins hold in the crypto economy cannot fineco trading review underscored enough. If some stablecoin investments begin to lose their financial stability or value, that could cause considerable damage to the greater cryptocurrency market. A sudden lack of faith in stablecoins and issuers could cause the cryptocurrency market to experience a catastrophic liquidity shock.

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Regulatory activity around stablecoins has intensified. Congresso, requiring stablecoin issuers and institutions to become licensed members of the Federal Reserve system and follow the appropriate banking regulations.

bitcoin faith coinmarketcap

The policy measures being considered for such regulation will bring stablecoins firmly under the monetary control of the Federal Reserve. All'inizio di questo mese, the Federal Reserve co-authored a paper with Yale University proposing two major ways to regulate stablecoins.

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The first was to convert them into the equivalent of public money by either issuing them via FDIC-insured U. Treasury bonds. This is a similar system of oversight as with U.

This could essentially make a government-issued CBDC the de facto stablecoin of the cryptocurrency world.

bitcoin faith coinmarketcap

Although stablecoins have always been measured in dollars, pegging reserves and compliances to the Federal Reserve will effectively tie down these global instruments to U. This could reduce the cryptocurrency ecosystem to a shadow of the global fiat system today. Algorithmic stablecoins and DeFi might stay out of the regulatory loop for sometime but not forever.

Il regolamento sulle stablecoin degli Stati Uniti potrebbe portare alla concorrenza geopolitica

Whether they will be able to earn the trust of the average retail consumer remains to be seen. The collapse in pegs of algorithmic coins such as fei and iron have created doubts in recent times.

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Stablecoins might also not reduce to a monopoly of the Fed, if other countries retaliate. Cina, Russia and the European Union have all taken steps or voiced concerns to move past the dollar-dominant financial system. All three countries have also actively experimented with and regulated cryptocurrencies or built their own digital currency.

bitcoin faith coinmarketcap

It is very likely that if U. Both CBDCs and private and public-private stablecoins denominated in different currencies could emerge as a counter to U. A critical component of the cryptocurrency ecosystem could, quindi, either become a shadow of the existing system or a battleground of intense geopolitical currency wars.

In either case, in remaining a pillar of an independent financial cryptocurrency-based system, stablecoins face a considerable bitcoin faith coinmarketcap.

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